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MSquared is the home of Matt Mollon, a web developer based in Toronto, Canada

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From the conceptualization stage of a project to the execution, we'll be at your service. With vast amounts of experience in the field, we'll be able to help refine any concept.

Take it Mobile

With mobile internet usage on the rise, taking your brand mobile is more important than ever. We can hook you up with that.

Pixel Perfect

No designer likes worrying that their layout will be executed poorly. Don't worry, your design is in good hands. (Rest assured – double-takes are garunteed)


Some people like having to hire two developers - one for the frontend and one for the backend. But who has the time? We'll cover the database to the layout, and everything in between.


With HTML5 on the rise and a world moving away from Flash, there's no reason to get left behind. When you go with MSquared, your projects will be future-proofed with rock-solid HTML5.

Plays well with Others

Working Solo or on a team of 50, we'll be able to integrate into your workflow.

Highly Sociable

Who can keep track of all these Tweeters and Facebooks and the like? Worry not, because your website can now integrate them all.